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~~~ Sannicolanian's Chatbox Rules ~~~

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PostSubject: ~~~ Sannicolanian''s Chatbox Rules ~~~   Tue May 19, 2009 8:04 pm

Rules always apply anytime the chat is on-going, even when an/a admin/staff is not present. Absence of the staff/admin does not mean that your actions are not being watched or taken for granted. Anytime, the CHAT logs will be reviewed by the staff/admin.

Rule # 1- ATTITUDE
Respect other chatters especially the SB(shoutbox) admin/staff. Chatters are not allowed to ignore the admins/staff especially when being given a warning.

Rule # 2- NO CAPS
Talking/Chatting in all caps is prohibited, and is a ground for immediate action by the admins/staff.

Rule # 3- NO CURSING
This includes words in other languages and foul ones. If you are uncertain about a word, then do not use it.
Chatter are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or Flaming, and other racist or derogatory remarks against other users in the chatroom. Infractions will result in immediate ban.

Creating 2 or more accounts is not allowed. If you have problems on your current account, feel free to send a PM to any admins/staff to answer your problem.
No impersonating other members changing your chat name or creating another account to impersonate other members is strictly prohibited.

This includes posting same messages in quick succession. Also posting URL's of other websites, advertisements of other chatrooms are prohibited.

Rule # 6- INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIORS3x related conversations are considered inapropriate. And for example, conversations about RELIGIONS are being tackled, it is EXPECTED that you *must* be respectful of the viewpoints of other chatters. Specific religious insults are not tolerated. Racial, sexual, religious, ethnical or other slurs are PROHIBITED.

Rule # 7- LANGUAGE
Conversations should be kept to English, Ilocano and Tagalog, for these three dialects are the only known universal languages.

Usernames of sexual or suggestive nature is not allowed. Also usernames which can be considered to be impersonating an admin/staff are prohibited. ⭐ ⭐
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~~~ Sannicolanian's Chatbox Rules ~~~

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