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Refrigerators on the Street by Vadimir Gendelman

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PostSubject: Refrigerators on the Street by Vadimir Gendelman   Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:12 am

I leased the office we are in about a year ago in June. I had planned to get a fridge for the place to make the workspace feel more like home. During hours of browsing the selection at Costco, I finally settled upon a mini fridge which cost about $200. The next day, my wife was driving and saw a man selling refrigerators in his front lawn about a street over from where we lived. I had never heard such a thing and was compelled to check it out.
It turns out that the guy was a contractor who had been designated the job of selling these fridges to people just like me. I got a brand new full size fridge for $50 less than what I was prepared to pay at Costco. He even brought it to the office and installed it free of charge. By the next day, the refrigerators were all gone and there had it was if it had never happened. The fridge still works wonderfully to this day and not since have I seen anybody undertaking the strange task of selling refrigerators out of their front yard. I guess I just have good timing.
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Refrigerators on the Street by Vadimir Gendelman

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