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Arm-Sore and Seven Years Ago

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PostSubject: Arm-Sore and Seven Years Ago   Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:58 am

Seven years ago I was on a skiing trip with a friend in Michigan. She had a friend with her by the name Babur. I thought to myself “That has to be the only person in the entire state with that name”, but little more than that.
I remember he was the only person in the group who was snowboarding instead of skiing making him stand out even more. As fate would have it, Babur fell off of his snowboard and broke his arm. Years passed and the skiing trip has become no more than a memory. Recently I ran across a computer on Craigslist that I wished to purchase. I contacted the seller and immediately noticed an accent which was vastly different than that of most Michiganders. I asked the person on the other end of the telephone his name. When he said that it was Babur, my jaw hit the floor. I asked if he had an experience a few years back where he broke his arm snowboarding. He was baffled and asked how I knew. When I told him that my name was Vladimir, he immediately remembered me. What are the chances?
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Arm-Sore and Seven Years Ago

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