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Gracie's Story

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PostSubject: Gracie's Story   Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:53 am

Since March, when the temperature began to warm up here in Tidewater Virginia,
I have been helping my best friend Alan, dig and install an in ground swimming pool, and is now nearing completion.
One late night in March, when my friends daughter came home from her restaurant managers job... she pulled into their driveway to see this large black dog, coming out from between the huge piles of soil we removed from the pool area.
Al's daughter was at first, afraid to get out of her car when she saw the dog... but the dog didn't seem to be aggressive at all.... The family looked at the dog, fed her, and let her stay the night... She is still there.
After cleaning her up, and with no name on her collar, we all gave her a bath, as she was a dirty matted mess... then we all took turns giving her a clipping.
"Lola" ...we named her...since no one could come up with a name she would respond to...the dog is very easy going and fun natured and playful... and very loving... so Al's daughter adopted "Lola"...
Lola has been very close to my friends family and their two little white Bichon Frise fact the large black dog took to the little white Bichon's right off, and are nearly inseparable ...
We all had no idea what breed of dog Lola was... I thought Portuguese Water dog...others, that she was a standard poodle...
With the swimming pool completed and filled with water, we were all afraid that Lola might want to jump into the water and go swimming... she will walk around the pool, but doesn't seem inclined to get in...odd we thought...but oh well, no big deal right??

Well now nearly four months later, and after radio and newspaper ads, and word of mouth... just by shear accident, of my friend being at the office of the county animal control officer...he saw "Lola's" large photo tacked up on the wall, like a post office canine mug shot, placed there by her real owner, in an attempt to find her dog, after it had wandered away, and had wandered a couple of miles to my friend Alan's house. ... Finally...the mystery dog, that emerged from the darkened shadows that March night...was a mystery no more. And, after doing a little research we found out that back in February, our local newspaper, had published a strange story...about a dog rescuing another dog. .... it was "Lola".

"Lola" as we all called her, had come out of the darkness to a loving home, where she was treated like one of the family, and bonded with the 2 little white dogs she found when she arrived... and what follows is along the vein of the paranormal. .
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Gracie's Story

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