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For The First Time DVDrip EngSubs (2008) (RS)

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PostSubject: For The First Time DVDrip EngSubs (2008) (RS)   Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:02 am

Category: Romance
Label: Star Cinema

Tagalog Movie

Cupid's love arrow struck the most unlikely to be couple: Seth Alexander Villaraza (Richard Gutierrez), a notorious talk of the town playboy and Sophia Carmina Sandoval (KC Concepcion), the perfect girlfriend but too busy to find love.

Their two different personalities disastrously collide when fate serendipitously entwine their lives together in Santorini, Greece.

Love overrules their pained hearts and proves that opposite truly attracts.
Just when true love finally finds them for the first time, the pain of the past and the uncertainty of the future have challenged them to step back.

Is Seth brave enough to truly love and be hurt for Pia's sake or will he run away again?
Will Pia find the love that will completely heal her or Seth is just another mistake?
For The First Time is a romantic story of an unexpected love chemistry between Mr. So Wrong and Ms. So Perfectly Right.

A story that will magnify how the power of love can triumphantly conquer all our indifferences, fears, pains and doubts.

* KC Concepcion
* Richard Gutierrez
* Philip Salvador
* Jake Cuenca
* Pilar Pilapil
* Candy Pangilinan


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For The First Time DVDrip EngSubs (2008) (RS)

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