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~~~Please Follow This Simple Steps~~~

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PostSubject: ~~~Please Follow This Simple Steps~~~   Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:55 am

This thread is for Local Movies ONLY

1. Before posting any movie, use the SEARCH FEATURE first. This is to avoid having reposting or double posting.

2. Type your SUbJect in this FormAt:
Title of the movie - Year released - Download Types (rs,mu,torrent,attachement etc.)

Twilight - 2008

3.After Typing the TITLE/SUBJECT, in the message box, first, post the necessary data in this format.

a. poster of the movie.
b. FolloWed by some short InfoRmation about the movie.
c. then, FollOweD by a SCREENSHOT. (This is OPTionaL, thOUgh.BUt MUch Appreciated.)
d. LAstLY, the link of the download. Or the attachment, for direct Upload.

3.One thread per one member ONLY.

4. Start your own topic HERE
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~~~Please Follow This Simple Steps~~~

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