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Wisdom Of Young Ladies

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PostSubject: Wisdom Of Young Ladies   Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:26 pm

Ladies are born with wisdom, but ignore it in tender years,
a heart can rule a ladies mind and often bring hard tears.
When a woman really loves a man it opens up her soul,
yearning for a deep true love to fill in that empty hole.

Often, they see inside a man those things he just won't share,
lessons learned in childhood to hide how much they care.
Sometimes, they see inside his heart past that tall brick wall,
to sadly find he is not the kind to really love at all.

Each time her heart is broken it leaves behind deep scars
and brings a vow never again to let things go that far.
For awhile, all hope is killed as the doubts begin to roam,
like echos in a vacant house that used to be a home.

Smile Inspired by a very sweet young lady..hehe
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Wisdom Of Young Ladies

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