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Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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PostSubject: Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007   Thu May 28, 2009 9:21 pm

TITLE : Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (Business Solutions) (Paperback)
AUTHOR : by Paul McFedries (Author)
PUBLISHER : Que publisher
ISBN : 0789736683
PUB DATE : March 14, 2007
LANGUAGE : English
RLS DATE : 05/20/2007

SIZE : 06 x 2.88 MB

[ R e l e a s e N o t e s ]

Develop your Microsoft Excel expertise instantly with proven techniques

- Master Excel Ranges
- Create Powerful Arrays
- Troubleshoot Formula Problems
- Validate Worksheet Data
- Perform What-If Analysis
- Model Your Business
- Track Trends and Make
- Forecasts
- Analyze Data
- Find Optimal Solutions
- Build Dynamic Loan
- Schedules

Most Microsoft®️ Excel users learn only a small percentage of the
program's features. They know they could get more out of Excel if they
could just get a leg up on building formulas and using functions.
Unfortunately, this side of Excel appears complex and intimidating to
the uninitiated-shrouded in the mysteries of mathematics, finance, and
impenetrable spreadsheet jargon.
Sound familiar? If you're a businessperson who needs to use Excel as an
everyday part of your job, then you've come to the right book. Formulas
and Functions with Microsoft®️ Office Excel 2007 demystifies worksheet
formulas and presents the most useful Excel functions in an accessible,
jargon-free way. This book not only takes you through Excel's
intermediate and advanced formula-building features, it also tells you
why these features are useful to you and shows you how to use them in
everyday situations. Throughout the book you'll find no-nonsense,
step-by-step tutorials and lots of practical examples aimed directly at
business users.

- Focuses like a laser on the four technologies that you must
master to get the most out of Excel: ranges, formulas, functions, and
data analysis tools.
- Shuns spreadsheet theory in favor of practical know-how that
you can put to use right away.
- Provides numerous real-world examples and techniques to help
you learn and understand the importance of each section.

download link: 893946

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Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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