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An airlplane story

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An airlplane story Vide
PostSubject: An airlplane story   An airlplane story I_icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 9:45 am

A flight attendant began circling the cabin before take-off.

A woman sitting in the economy stopped her,

and politely asked,

"can you please remind my husband to take his heart medicine.
He is in the business class seat number 8"

After take-off, the flight attendant approached the man in the business class
seat number 8.

"Sir, please remember to take your heart medicine."

The surprised man looked up.

"How do you know I have a heart condition?" he asked.

"Your wife requested me to remind you" the attendant answered..

The man suddenly broke down in tears..

The flustered asked him what was wrong..

The weeping man told her,

"My wife is dead. Her body is in this
plane. I'm taking her home to bury her."

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An airlplane story 1jbip
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An airlplane story

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