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Love Story: Too Young for Love

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Love Story: Too Young for Love Vide
PostSubject: Love Story: Too Young for Love   Love Story: Too Young for Love I_icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 9:04 am

always thought I'd be too young to fall in love. But I wasn’t too young to serve my country. I joined the Army two weeks before my 18th birthday. The first time I left home I was shipped off to the other side of the country. Basic training passed and left me hopeful for my future in the military. Next stop Aberdeen proving grounds. It felt like the last day of fall when I showed up early that morning to my new home, that four day weekend passed. This is where the fun started; school!
School was great. We marched back and forth. Everyone had a great since of humor; the second week of school was when I met him my Marine core soul mate.
I didn't notice him at first, and he really didn't take any of my attention. I was too determined at learning my job. And another week passed. This week he sat closer too me in class. I didn't notice him until I caught him staring. That was when I saw his blue eyes. I kind of wish now that I didn't look up. He smiled before I turned away. That entire week he would try different ways to get my attention. At first I figured he was trying to prove to himself or to his buddies that he could "get" the only female in class. So I ignored him. And I always kept the fact that I was a soldier first. The third week we moved classes and he told me to sit next to him, and he saved me a spot. I didn't say no like I should have. But the instructor moved me. To the other side of the room. When I had gotten up, he smiled as I passed and said "that he really wanted to sit next to me on Valentines Day" I forgot it was Valentines Day. I asked my friend to ask her boyfriend (who was also a marine) why this guy was bugging me. Well my words were disported beyond anything because the next thing I know he comes to class, and asks me if talk to my friends about him I said” no" a little lie and he said "bulls*it". I don't know what that was about. But we didn't talk for two days. I went back to that same friend and asked what happened. Well somehow "he's nice" turned into "I want to f*ck him" which was not true at all because I was a virgin! This really bothered me. I felt like the thought he had of me was wrong because it was! I didn't want to tell him this because we never talked outside of the classroom. I didn't have his # or anything. So I wrote him a note. Stayed up all night thinking of what needed to be said. When I was dun it was at least one hundred words long. But it said everything I needed to say. It was Friday. And class was out. I searched for the little black memo pad that the note was in. Everyone had gone. I saw him. He smiled but I looked away. Didn’t have the courage to pass a note. It wasn’t me. He left. I accepted the fact that maybe the lies would never clear. I stepped out of the door, and there he is fixing his boot. I realize that this is my moment. I pulled out the notebook and put it in his hands. He asks” what is this" I tell him to read it and walk away before anything else could be said. That weekend my heart felt better and my mind felt clearer. On Monday I saw him again. He smiled. Oh how I would learn to love his smile. And he gave me my notebook back. I put it in my pocket and didn't think that maybe he would write back. But he did. I don't know what happened but we just wrote our feelings down in the notebook, it turned into a Romeo and Juliet thing because when we weren't in class we didn't disrespect our uniforms we never expressed our affections anywhere besides in the notebook. I learned to love him. Even though all of my friends told me he was a jerk. They never read the notebook. I found out he had been letting his friends read the notebook. I wisent mad like my friends thought I would be. I thought it was kind of sweet. I was crazy about him. He finally asked me out, he wanted to go off base and hang out. I told him no, and for some reason It really pissed me off that he'd ask. I told him that I hated him. Which I did at the time. a couple days passed. And I felt bad for overreacting. So I wrote that I was sorry. And gave him my # so we could talk about it. He called that night. We talked. And he called the next night. And so on. On Saturday he called and asked if we could hang out. I wisent mad this time but I had plans. I had promised my friend I'd cheer for him at a boxing match. Well we ended up meeting up after the boxing match. And for the first time, we were alone. And he held me, and for the first time, in the dead of winter far away from home, I was warm. Distance separates us now, sometimes it feels like we don't fit into each others lives. But we will always be crazy for each other I guess u can never be too young to fall in love either.
Love Story: Too Young for Love 1jbip
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Love Story: Too Young for Love

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