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Love Story: All my life

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PostSubject: Love Story: All my life   Mon May 25, 2009 9:04 am

have known her all my live, as kids we have been friends (family friends) and short periods of times the two of us will date and go out together. Deep in our hearts we knee that we belong together but would only really realize this many years from then.

We were each others first kiss almost like been sixteen I still remember my heart pounding my palms sweet the first time I kissed her. The admiration then in her eye was something that was burned in my mind for ever.

Her father never approved of me as the man in his daughters live, the questions I was asked were, how will I look after her, where will we stay, what can I offer his little princess. Well the hurt drove me to join the army and move away thousand of kilometers.

One day I hear she got married and was expecting a baby. I was so happy for her the love of my life. She finally found someone that will look after her and take care of her. Little did I know that she was to become a battered woman raped and beaten by someone that was supposed to love and take care of her?

I went on and become an officer and was send far away to other countries where my life was the army. Botswana, Angola, Namibia and Zambia those were the places I strife in. I was hard and showed little or no emotions. And for three years I lived the live as a soldier.

I got married shortly after my army career has ended to someone that I thought then was my soul mate, someone I can trust and someone that will fill the emptiness I so long to be filled. For year to come I tried my best to make her happy only to end up being the second best. My wife found love in another’s arms.

A phone call from someone from my passed came as a shock to me a voice I could never forget, and the image of my long-time friend awakens in my mind the eye’s the smile the lips…my heart start pounding again, my palms sweat. This is the woman that would make me whole.

It took 20 years and lots of pain for us to finally come together, to love and to hold each other, to take two broken hearts, and make a whole one.

My dearest Matilda, I thank you for your love and for making me complete.

Yours forever

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Love Story: All my life

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